We Don’t Really Need Tablet Computers

By | October 19, 2013

When word first came out that Apple was developing a tablet computer, there was a lot of buzz that went up. Naturally there were two kinds of people who started talking about it, those who were not so convinced about the soundness of the idea and those who are so into it. Now, the iPad is just another Apple product that everyone is getting and so many models of tablet computers have come out as well. The truth is that we don’t really need the iPad and any of the tablet computers. It’s just a waste of money.

What’s in a Tablet?

A tablet computer is a portable computer that has different sort of controls. Instead of a keyboard, a track pad or a mouse, a tablet uses touch screen technology. So in order to use a tablet computer all you need to do is to touch or tap the screen, depending on the kind of task that you want to accomplish. Makers of tablets are claiming that it is a lot better for performing certain tasks. They claim that tablets are more suited for performing certain tasks such as browsing and watching videos. It is also very portable, which means that one can carry it around with greater ease. One can take it anywhere and use it. That would be something impossible to do when one is using a desktop.

The Problem with Tablets

So tablets are okay for doing certain tasks, but the problem with it is that other devices can do the same thing. A laptop is also very portable and it could be more powerful than any tablet. It can also do the same things that a tablet can perform. If you are after mobility then you can turn to smart phones. You can listen to music, watch videos and even browse the internet even while you are on the go. Why would you need a device that is a cross between a laptop and a smart phone?

The simple answer is that you don’t. The need for tablet computers was just a market that was created by the genius of Steve Jobs. He thought up of a product that is supposed to make things better. His reputation has reached a point where Apple fans looked up to him as if he was a god. When he introduced the iPad, people started buying it right away, without really thinking if they really need it.

Thinking about Buying First

Any serious professional, even if he works through the internet, should think twice about buying a tablet computer. There is a real chance that it would just end up as another device to clutter his office or home. Laptops should be enough to complete the kind of work needed by most people. So we don’t have any use for getting tablet computers except to play games and do other silly stuff. That shouldn’t be reason enough to spend a few hundred dollars on a new device that you won’t use.