The Top Fashion Mistakes by Guys

By | November 6, 2013

Guys commit a lot of fashion mistakes. That’s common knowledge, but people don’t really complain about that. After all, men are not expected to keep themselves busy with the kind of clothes they wear. They are supposed to worry about more macho stuff than that. But things are changing now. Men are supposed to be more fashion conscious now. They have less excuse for committing some of the more horrible fashion crimes that men make.

To help guide and to prevent you from making the same mistakes, we have listed some of the most heinous crimes here.

Ill Fitting Clothes

Most men are guilty of this one crime. Baggy pants and drooping shoulders on your shirt are the surest signs that the clothes that you are wearing do not fit you. Some guys think that the fit is not really important as long as it was made by the right brand. Ill fitting clothes can make you look foolish and even stupid and you certainly don’t want that. If you have the misfortune of having a body shape that no clothes off the rack would fit right then go see a tailor.

Incorrect Bottom Length

This is one fashion mistake that a lot of guys are guilty of and yet they don’t really care. The bottom of the trouser legs should end right above the shoes. There should be no extra fabric length and should not drag down on the floor. The bottom of the trouser legs should not be folded. You might be excused if it’s a trend, but even then it’s a highly questionable practice. It simply doesn’t look right. If your trousers are too long then have it trimmed.

Short Sleeve Shirt with a Tie

This was never meant to be and if you are guilty of this crime, please stop from committing it. Ties are meant for shirts with full sleeves. In fact ties were meant for suits and coats. You would not achieve that dapper corporate look by wearing short sleeved shirt with a tie.

Wrong Color of the Socks

This is another fashion crime that guys don’t really mind committing. They think that it’s no big deal. The truth is that people will notice this. It does not look good to have the wrong socks color for your bottom. The rule is to match the color of the socks with that of the bottom and not the shoes. If you are wearing denim, then having white sports socks is okay.

Mismatching Accessories

You have to pay attention to the kind of accessories that you are wearing. The strap of your watch should match the belt that you will be using. The same goes with the shoes that you are wearing. All should be matching. They don’t have to be the exact same color, but the same shades should be okay.

These are just some of the more common fashion mistakes that guys are making. You have to see to it that you are not guilty of any of those now.