The Good Things about Telecommuting

By | October 24, 2013

The idea for telecommuting or working from home isn’t really new. Certain types of jobs have always been well suited for this kind of setup. Some recent changes however have made telecommuting a really viable option for a lot of people today. There are more types of work that can be done just as effectively when the employee is at home as when he is in the office. In fact, there are cases when staying at home is many times better.

The Power of the Internet

It is the power of the internet that is making telecommuting a real possibility. In the past, the only fast way for workers staying at home to communicate with their employers is through the phone. They would have to call to talk to their bosses or they would have to take in the calls. For meetings they would still have to go the office and their co-workers and their bosses personally. It was an okay arrangement for that period, but it certainly has a lot of room for improvements.

Improvements are exactly what the internet has brought in. It has allowed instant connection for people from different locations. Communications is the main thing when it comes to telecommuting and the internet has done a great deal in improving that.

Emails for Work

Emails are probably the most important communication tools that can be used for work. That is true, not just for telecommuting but for regular work as well. Since it can be received instantly, workers can send updates as to their progress and bosses can reply at once when needed.

Chat and Calls

There are other internet communication tools that are proving to be very valuable for online workers. These include chat and calls through computer programs. Through chat messages you can provide real time updates. You can also use the internet in order to make calls. It is even possible to do video calls and conference calls. With the internet it really is possible to stay updated just as if you were working in the office as well.

The Challenges Posed by Telecommuting

Telecommuting can also present certain problems. Even though the internet is there to provide constant communication there are still some difficulties that one has to face with working at home. What are these challenges? First of all, working at home can be distracting. There are a lot of things that might take away your attention from accomplishing the task at hand. That can never be a good thing.

Then there is the fact that there is no one watching you work. There is always the temptation to slack and try to cheat your way. You can just pretend that you are busy doing something when in reality you are doing a fraction of the work that you are supposed to do.

The best way to counter these problems is to have a dedicated workspace. By having a specific area where you work, there would be fewer distractions and you would be in a better condition to keep working.