The Fall of Pioneer Mobile Phone Brands

By | October 17, 2013

Mobile phones are relatively new. While cellular phones or the idea and the technology for it have been around for some time, its widespread use only became really common in past twelve years or so. In that relatively short period however, companies that made phones have come and gone. A few of the giants that dominated the market in its early years are gone now and some are in deep trouble. Now the playing field has become a bit more diversified. There are newer companies now that are offering cheaper phones with better performance.

In the Early Days

In the early days of the mobile phone market, the only real use for the device was for calling. All the other functions that we are getting out of it now were just later additions. Of course the technology back then also did not support it. Most of the people who used mobile phones then were businessmen. Those who were too busy to slow down and take a regular phone call.

When mobile phones became a thing for the consumers, there was one company that made it big. That company is Nokia. This Finnish phone maker took the world by storm. A great majority of the handsets that were sold around the world back then were made by it. Its quality and reliability was unmatched back then, that it was really the standard by which phone technology was measured.

Phones Getting Smarter

Then as technology advanced mobile phones became more complicated and its functions diversified. That was when the time when smart phones came out. Smart phones were able to handle more than just calls and texts. They were capable of handling connecting to the internet, emails, storing and viewing files and so much more. When it comes to smart phones, another company emerged as the early leader. That company is Blackberry.

Blackberry became synonymous with smart phones back then. It was practically a status symbol and people were proud to have one. Blackberrys were more like business phones. Its most important feature was the ability to handle emails. That made it valuable for companies that needed their employees to be in touch. So they used it for keeping their employees connected.

The Fall of the Giants

But the reign of Nokia and Blackberry didn’t last very long. Soon other companies came up with models that slowly eroded on the market leadership of those two giants. Soon Nokia was outpaced by other phone makers. Blackberry’s first serious contender was the iPhone. When Google released Android the market was soon flooded with dozens of smart phones that were a lot better than any that bore the Blackberry trademark.

Both companies started to lose a great deal of their market share. Blackberry is doing better now after it has adapted to the changes and has come up with some new models, but Nokia is in deeper trouble now. It would take more work and trouble for the Finish giant to fully get back on its own feet.