That Crazy Weather Pattern

By | October 17, 2013

Are you worried about climate change? You should be because it concerns you and everyone in your family. In fact, it concerns everyone in the world. If you are not concerned about then you have probably escaped its effects. Lucky for you, but the bad news is that at some point in the very near future, you are going to be affected by the changes in climate and then you would realize how important it really is.

Climate Change around the World

In recent years, the world is seeing a dramatic shift in weather patterns. This shift is influenced by climate change. While scientists are predicting that this is bound to happen, they are being taken by surprise by the suddenness of the change and the speed at which it is happening. This can be felt in almost every country around the world.

In Australia for example some parts of it are experiencing extreme weather conditions. They are being subjected to heavy rains, record high temperatures and flooding. Scientists have just confirmed that these events are likely to go on and in fact are bound to get worse in the years to come. That paints a very dark future for some parts of Australia.

There are other countries that are feeling the sting of climate change. The United States for example was subjected to some brutal storms and one in particular, the so-called “Frankenstorm” caused a great deal of damage across a huge part of the country. Countries in Asia and Latin America are also being battered by the changes that are happening to the weather.

What Can We Do?

With all of these changes that the whole world is facing, is there something that we can do? Is there a way that we can stop the weather pattern from changing and adapting to something so crazy? Some people might suppose that it is something that’s beyond us. They might think that it is beyond our ability to alter the weather and that we would just have to live with it.

While it is true that the Earth does change its climate from time to time and that there is nothing that we can do about it, the recent weather changes were more caused by man than by nature. Our activities have influenced nature greatly. In fact there is something that we can do to slow it down even a bit.

That is to reduce the carbon emissions that we are generating. Things are quite serious now that only a dramatic reduction in the carbon emissions that we are generating can have an influence on climate change. But it isn’t too late. If we decide to act now then we can make the changes and we could feel its effects.

We have to act fast now or it would soon be too late. We have to do this for the sake of our children so that they need not suffer because of the wrong moves that we have made in the past.