Should You Be Knowledgeable?

By | April 29, 2014

Brilliant minds think alike. Do they equally know as much? Perhaps or perhaps not. A flexible mind can conjure up things from scratch, without looking things up or looking around, it grows and expands as it can up to a moment where your genes say enough. Most people however believe that you can expand it even further through drugs and stimulating its growth. Ironically millions of people worldwide have attempted to experiment on their already conscious mind by taking up drugs and alcohol, keeping their brains intact to some extent. What is most stimulating to another person when in a relationship is the ability to think back on their thoughts, it is like you add on to what the other person says then you pile up on your ideas and in this way you grow some brain muscle and gain plenty of satisfaction in a mutual exchange.

Are You a True Conversationalist?

Thinking in abstract terms is possible for some people at the most but to truly hold your own ground you need to know how to interact with other people. Whilst for the majority it poses few problems, most of us are truly awed with the ease other older or younger counterparts are dealing with a small talk or a fluid conversation on most subjects. When you are well read and versed in various topics it is therefore easier to support yourself in any kind of exchange involving a multifaceted issue. Then again some people are truly capable of maximizing the colorfulness of the talk thanks to their unique personality and capitalizing on their listener’s skills as well. When the brain processes plenty of ideas simultanously by interacting with the environment, that is the true intelligence at work, thus, a conversation also flows more naturally as we turn from an idea to its depth to its grainier and finer points as we progress. Then again, the knowledge can help us move to explore other grounds, the grounds from which we can spring to other realms of fantasy and creativity as well as the insight.

Applying the Knowledge

Being well versed in various mechanisms of certain phenomena is a privilage but it is not entirely a great advantage over those who can be more nimble with their minds without going into much detail if they want to keep the conversation going smoothly. Then again a poorly prepared specialist will miss those subtler clues he or she would easily have in mind if they have read more in their classes. That is the case of learning all your life even if you do not like feel like it. The sheer power of intelligence is then used to the greatest benefit and effect on those who are less brighter than you and not as knowledgeable in some respects. As they say you can always widen your horizons but what you are going to do with that widening in the end, apart from holding long winded talks is another matter. Perhaps you can read yourself to death.