Popular Destinations Using Budget Travel

By | March 22, 2016

People who live on a tight budget can also see the world. Budget travels were designed for people who are financially squeezed. If you love visiting other places without spending significant amount of money, budget travel would be a good option.

Budget travel can provide the opportunity to see different places to those who would love to go on a trip. You can go to popular destinations even your budget is not big. All you have to do is find out where to stay for cheap and what to eat while on vacation. Once you know where to take a rest and what foods you can buy at cheaper rates, then you can start your trip to popular destinations using budget travel.

Here are some of the popular destinations for 2014 while on a budget travel.

Venice, Italy

Yes you read that right. Venice is often considered as an expensive tourist destination because of what it offers to the travelers. Most of the wonderful buildings, romantic places, beautiful paintings, and delicious foods can be found in Venice. Visit the enchanting city of canals while working under a budget. Most people are shying away from Venice because they consider it as an expensive tourist destination. Although most of the things in the city are quite pricy, there are ways to enjoy Venice even with a small budget. If you know how to hunt for cheap hotels, you can stay in the city without even camping. There are lots of hotels that offer inexpensive rates. You can start your search on the internet while you’re still saving up money for the trip.

Food can be bought for less if you get it from the street vendors. If you’re not particular with presentation or packaging, street foods are decent meals while on a budget travel in Venice. You can find lots of food on the market and supermarket as well. Cooking food on your own is a nice option if you want to cut down your expenses. While most people would spend money on restaurants, you can actually save serious money by buying foods from inexpensive outlets.

Tourist attractions may be quite expensive in some parts of Venice. If you scan the city though, you’ll be surprised to find gems all around the place. You can find lots of good attractions around the city as long as you explore the place. If your priority is to ride the romantic boat while traveling on the canals, all you need to do is save money for such entertainment.

Venice is a great tourist destination that we usually brand as expensive. If you’re on a budget travel though, you can visit the city while you enjoy the food, buildings, canals, and other tourist attractions for a small amount of money.

Buenos Aires

2014 opens up with a bang in Buenos Aires. If you’re looking for a tourist destination that provides lots of museums and historical sites, Buenos Aires might be the perfect spot for you. You can enjoy looking at the various museums it offers to the tourists. Historical sites are also all over the place if you wish to know more about the history of the country personally.

Buenos Aires is also known for its nightlife. Dubbed as the “Paris of the South America”, Buenos Aires boasts its cosmopolitan feel to its locals as well as to the tourists. As a traveler, you can shop, eat, and dance a lot while you are in Buenos Aires. Enjoy the Argentinean culture while you are on your personal tour around various places. While on a budget travel, you can enjoy the tourist destinations by commuting on public vehicles. This will allow you to follow other tourists while they roam around various places.

You can either find cheap hotels or camp in parks while on a budget travel in Buenos Aires. The food served by the street vendors are also delicious. If you’re on a tight budget, consider getting your food from inexpensive sources such as street vendors or public markets. Although it may not be as elegant as eating at a restaurant, it will allow you to save money for your priorities.


Russia is a nice place to visit even when on a tight budget. There are several hotels that offer good deals for traveling tourists who are on a budget. Although most travel agencies suggest that you bring credit cards along with your cash, a small amount of money is sufficient in giving you a memorable trip. Russia has different tourist destinations that can offer you with Russian arts, culture, food, and entertainment. Regardless of your interest, Russia has good things in store for visiting tourists like you. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to spend a large amount of money to enjoy the trip. Just like with the two destinations above, you can enjoy your stay in Russia even with small budget.

First and foremost, find an inexpensive place to stay. It can be a hotel, dormitory, or a camp site. Depending on your budget, you can find a suitable place to live while on vacation in Russia. If you’re not picky about your hotel, there are cheaper hotels that can offer you a good room with decent amenities. Some travelers who do well with other people can spend the night on dormitories or by camping in parks.

Food can be bought from different sources in Russia. If you want to eat in restaurants, you can find places that sell food for less. You can also buy food from the stalls you find on the streets of Russia. Normally, you can buy them for cheap. The price of food normally depends on the place. So dining on a popular restaurant will cost you more. On the other hand, eating your meal in the street will save you serious money. After all, you can get the same food when you buy them from another place.


The Philippines has several tourist destinations to offer to the budget-weary traveler. Beach resorts, underwater caves, and rivers are the beautiful places you can visit while you are on your stay in the Philippines. Most of these places are inexpensive, but quite beautiful spots to relax and unwind.

If you love to try different foods, you might want to check out the street foods. Chicken feet, intestines, and chicken blood are among the unusual foods you can find in the country. If you don’t want to try exotic foods though, you can always go with their famous cuisines.

People who are on a budget can pick cheaper hotels that are advertised on the internet. One way to avail cheap deals is by booking your reservations ahead of time. You can find good deals when you plan ahead for your budget travel.

Overall, you can see the world while you visit various countries under a budget. Once you know the tricks on how you can travel with small amount of money, you can go to different places without spending more than your budget. Nowadays, you can find lots of places that welcome budget travelers openly. In fact, most of the hotels today offer discounts to tourists. This makes traveling a great escape from stress even under a tight budget.