Political Correctness at Your Service

By | April 16, 2014

In face that was one of the major disappointments you might say. Powedring the sheer power of negative emotions with good feeling words is tempting but it is an exercise in inutility. Even if you have the media with its clout that can easily shape our emotions PC works only at a certain level covered by newspapers. If you read a thousandth story on human malice you slowly tend to get that desensitized reaction despite your buttons being pushed strongly. You cannot also defy the logic of the human mind, or rather the power of human emotions that you may come across. While you sit stoned by the PC rules people who walk the streets of the city you work in would have totally different opinions on you.

Swallowing the Hard Truths

How does it come about that the wish of many human rights activists and dreamers alike have taken a direct hit? Some things have remained a taboo but there is much to be done about the harnessing the human need for wordy and colorful expressions via a set of prescribed policy. That won’t cut it simply as the human need to express contempt for what is out of ordinary and goes against the grain is typically set for derision expressed in the body language and language itself. For the more sensitive of people it is hard a truth to swallow.

You cannot hold the hordes alone, and fighting over a single word to stop from spreading is like herding cats, a horde of stray loudmouthed cats that see no need to be shushed. It is the lowly tendency that has spread towards all other layers of the society leaving very few intact, even distinguishable people could be heard extoling the virtues of having a sharp tongue. Perhaps that has always been the case with the language anyway. Those who scream the loudest have typically very little to say but they are more visible so they scream at the top of their voice.

The Downfall of the Beauty

It is the privilage of the few, a true niche that does keep minor and kitschy things away, while the journalists and politicians are having a field day with their temperaments where talks remind you more of a brawl of some drunken men in the middle of the night. Most of the gibberish is untolerable low quality therefore even slurs won’t make anyone make their eyelids bat. Although swearing and slurs are punishable by law and reserved only for private occasions or those dark night brawls, somehow people cannot be controlled to such an extent any more as they used to. Or perhaps the PC agenda has made its way to the top thanks to that naive view that the language can change the world. In a way it can, but there are other ways things work so that you might never put an end to verbal violence. Sigh.