Learning from the Russian Experience

When Americans watched in horror as the planes crashed on the towers of the World Trade Center, they knew their country was going to war. They didn’t know who was responsible for the attack, but they want blood and they would go after the perpetrators. There was no way for them to know that more… Read More »

Tips for Learning a New Language

How many languages do you know? If you only know one, then you are missing out on a lot. When you learn a new language, you open up so many possibilities. Just think of it. When you learn a new language you read more books, you can watch and understand more movies, you can travel… Read More »

Becoming a Translator

The world is increasingly becoming a global village. This means that the people of the world are starting to communicate and connect with each other. While the connection is being established, there is still an underlying problem. That is the fact that the world is still separated by the different languages, spoken by the different… Read More »

Some Investment Basics

If you have been studying how you can improve your personal finances then you should have heard of the saying that it is not enough for you to save money. At the end of the line, when you have to retire and you can no longer work, the money that you have worked for so… Read More »

Should You Be Knowledgeable?

Brilliant minds think alike. Do they equally know as much? Perhaps or perhaps not. A flexible mind can conjure up things from scratch, without looking things up or looking around, it grows and expands as it can up to a moment where your genes say enough. Most people however believe that you can expand it… Read More »

Political Correctness at Your Service

In face that was one of the major disappointments you might say. Powedring the sheer power of negative emotions with good feeling words is tempting but it is an exercise in inutility. Even if you have the media with its clout that can easily shape our emotions PC works only at a certain level covered… Read More »

Male and Female Roles in the Postmodern World

Traditional roles are not gone as you might not realize as much as some pundits would want us to believe. The thing is most of those females who have come across the right kind of man are more inclined to believe that some games are for life. If you take a good look around those… Read More »

A Failure of Epic Proportions

Anyone has faced a kind of failure whenever they had the chance and they blew it suffering some serious consequences that are quite extensive. Extensive damage to one’s head has a number of positives but makes other people easily hate you when you are straining to achieve something but to no avail. Some things are… Read More »

A Crash Course in Self Directed Change

The cyberwar is on as you perhaps learnt by viewing the news item dubbed mysteriously PRISM revealed. Who would have expected otherwise is oficially dubbed a dunce. With the Chinese internet censored even now you could feel spied on because of a large number of typos or words that start with p or c even… Read More »

Effects of Lack of Sleep

Sleep is the time when the body gets its rest. That is the period when it starts to repair the cells that have been damaged. Though the body is a well-organized and well-assembled machine, it still requires rest and maintenance and it gets that during sleep. That just means that sleep is one of the… Read More »