Male and Female Roles in the Postmodern World

By | March 27, 2014

Traditional roles are not gone as you might not realize as much as some pundits would want us to believe. The thing is most of those females who have come across the right kind of man are more inclined to believe that some games are for life. If you take a good look around those roles have not changed that much, especially for a generation that is between 50-60 years old where the division of house labor is like it was before. The greater problem is male mentality that is experiencing a shift between the typical breadwinner’s mindset and that of a father and partner. Another dimension is reserved for young males that are refusing to settle despite their partners’ needs and wishes, but are gladly cultivating their brotherly relations with other guys typically after hours, and report to their moms to complain about their significant others.

The Reasons

Most males present the view of the world where they are in their element whilst competing and bear hugging without a single tear dropped, but the new waves of babies are raised in a different reality, with weaker dad models, frequent divorces and the ever attractive marketing promise that life should be mostly about fun and no real commitments unless things go their own way, which is rare. The ever expanding niche of single moms proves that even those initially successful couples cannot withold the call of greener pastures and a pint of beer waiting in a local pub. The more responsible of men, that weaker and less attractive types, are catching the second wind with quite wondrous females to a great effect. However alpha women have reached the glass ceiling, as different conferences seem to show. If you are nicely dressed, with a good head on their shoulders and a baby in a tow which you can easily support yourself, then you are wanting a versatile partner or a friend perhaps or lover only? The demarcation is marked by zigzags in the grey area which is a partnership today, and the call for the battle of two sexes is heard ever so loudly again. Perhaps it would be hard to call it a battle or a war and deem it suitable as that conotes aggression and lack of any common bridges apart from sex and some emotional support that can be easily gained by female companionship.

Your Ability for Negotiations and Compromise

That ability to understand the mindset differences in a relationship, readiness to juggle its various aspects and roles you acknowledge as those that need to be taken into account and finally your ability to grow as a person could signify that you are mature enough to remain in a satisfactory or even model relationship. But then if alpha males keep changing wives only after setting their eyes on another model, is it not the case now with alpha females? With children obviously in tow?