Effects of Lack of Sleep

By | February 9, 2014

Sleep is the time when the body gets its rest. That is the period when it starts to repair the cells that have been damaged. Though the body is a well-organized and well-assembled machine, it still requires rest and maintenance and it gets that during sleep. That just means that sleep is one of the major needs of the body and the lack of it will naturally have some very negative consequences.

To help emphasize to you the importance of sleep to the human body, here are some of the effects of it lack.

Weight Gain

When you lack sleep on a regular basis you have a tendency to gain weight. That’s because lack of sleep can decrease the metabolism of your body. It will also increase your appetite. What’s even worse is that you will develop a craving for foods that can really cause you to go fat. So if you thought that by cutting down on your sleep you can lose some weight then think again.


When you constantly lack sleep, what you would feel is that you would experience some changes in your emotion on a constant basis. Things that should make you laugh for instance could suddenly give you an overwhelming feeling of sadness. These mood swings can be a real problem not just for you but for the people around as well who are forced to interact with you on a constant basis. You might make it difficult for everybody.

Dark Under Eye

For people who are conscious about their appearance, this is a major effect of their lack of sleep. The dark under eye would make it obvious for everyone that you are not having any good night sleep. It would be like a sure sign for everyone to see.

Problem When Driving

It is not a mystery that many accidents on the road were caused by drivers who were too tired to have been behind the wheel. The lack of sleep leaves them tired and lacking in focus and concentration. That places them and the other drivers on the road in great danger.

Your Body Temperature Drops

One effect of lack of sleep on the human body is that its temperature drops. You would notice that when you don’t have much sleep quite often that you get chilled quite easily.

Harder to Think

Most people would agree with the idea that when a person lacks sleep, it really is harder to think straight. Sleep deprivation can have a very negative effect on how the brain learns new things. It is not surprising that you would have hard time thinking through when you didn’t have much sleep. That’s what you call a brain fog.

Your Immune System Goes Down

One effect of lack of sleep that you should really be concerned about is that it can lower down your immunity. Researchers have proven that those with less sleep have fewer antibodies that can fight infection when compared to those who have had a full night of sleep.