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The Good Things about Telecommuting

The idea for telecommuting or working from home isn’t really new. Certain types of jobs have always been well suited for this kind of setup. Some recent changes however have made telecommuting a really viable option for a lot of people today. There are more types of work that can be done just as effectively… Read More »

We Don’t Really Need Tablet Computers

When word first came out that Apple was developing a tablet computer, there was a lot of buzz that went up. Naturally there were two kinds of people who started talking about it, those who were not so convinced about the soundness of the idea and those who are so into it. Now, the iPad… Read More »

We Don’t Hear Much from Nokia Now

Do you remember the first mobile phone that you owned? Chances are that it was a Nokia. The company from Finland was the number one manufacturer when it comes to mobile phones a few years ago. It was the standard by which all other phone brands were measured. But as years passed by its phones… Read More »

The Fall of Pioneer Mobile Phone Brands

Mobile phones are relatively new. While cellular phones or the idea and the technology for it have been around for some time, its widespread use only became really common in past twelve years or so. In that relatively short period however, companies that made phones have come and gone. A few of the giants that… Read More »