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Learn How You Can Deal with Change

You need to deal with change. There’s no other choice for you but to do so, because change is always happening around us and in all areas of our lives. Every little act that we do is filled with or involves changes in almost every aspect. To say that it is inevitable and inescapable is… Read More »

Should You Be Knowledgeable?

Brilliant minds think alike. Do they equally know as much? Perhaps or perhaps not. A flexible mind can conjure up things from scratch, without looking things up or looking around, it grows and expands as it can up to a moment where your genes say enough. Most people however believe that you can expand it… Read More »

A Failure of Epic Proportions

Anyone has faced a kind of failure whenever they had the chance and they blew it suffering some serious consequences that are quite extensive. Extensive damage to one’s head has a number of positives but makes other people easily hate you when you are straining to achieve something but to no avail. Some things are… Read More »

A Crash Course in Self Directed Change

The cyberwar is on as you perhaps learnt by viewing the news item dubbed mysteriously PRISM revealed. Who would have expected otherwise is oficially dubbed a dunce. With the Chinese internet censored even now you could feel spied on because of a large number of typos or words that start with p or c even… Read More »