A Failure of Epic Proportions

By | March 12, 2014

Anyone has faced a kind of failure whenever they had the chance and they blew it suffering some serious consequences that are quite extensive. Extensive damage to one’s head has a number of positives but makes other people easily hate you when you are straining to achieve something but to no avail. Some things are just beyond your reach and yet when you are mightily trudging to overcome any hurdles that life throws at you then you finally see what you have to face. You may not like it but you will have to get there finally and make a choice of epic proportions.

Fail as Much as You Can

Indeed sometimes a failure is the best teacher when you can see your mistakes in their whole grandeur and their beauty. Look at each mistake and draw suitable conclusions which should help you arrive at the right solution that might have the makings of the answer to the whole problem. If it cannot be easily overwhelmed break it down into several components and see where that gets you. Even despite the mistakes that could kill you in the end you may find a way out, no matter what, as long as you do not really hesitate to pick up the pieces immediately.

Getting someplace after a string of massive mistakes is hard, but what can a fool or a wise person do when faced with the challenge of recovering and rebooting themselves? What happens after you have reached your whole potential and now you have just overreached yourself totally? Just like stupidity, the ability to endure the failure is a lithmus test for many, some shooting stars are never going to be located again, yet emerge from the blankness of human faces after a while, whether thanks to connections or other kinds of backup.

Do Not Hesitate to Pick up the Pace

Persistence, stubborness and being headstrong can all grate on people’s feelings, since no one is truly capable of reaching their goal without the help of the others. However if you are truly a failure it takes some guts to face the enemies and admit the defeat head-on. What does that leave you with? In fact, very little. Where can you then kick off the whole process? With yourself of course and self control. Wise people combine in their wisdom intelligence that can be further broken down into social and emotional subdivisions. Some people get easily carried away by their own choking emotions and let those feelings dim their wits. In that particular respect what you should do is to have a greater control over your emotions if they are so easily grounding. Without it you have nothing to look among people whose major interest at times is inflating and stroking their ego. That kind of knowledge is bound to guarantee you a success despite any failure.