A Crash Course in Self Directed Change

By | February 18, 2014

The cyberwar is on as you perhaps learnt by viewing the news item dubbed mysteriously PRISM revealed. Who would have expected otherwise is oficially dubbed a dunce. With the Chinese internet censored even now you could feel spied on because of a large number of typos or words that start with p or c even though you have hardly any Chinese blood in your veins. Now, you might wonder if the people who you dismissed as paranoid in fact were right about the cover-up. Logically speaking nothing is impossible if you have the whole arsenal of weaponry that could last a few generations, then you would subscribe to the notion ‘king of the castle’ and who is not with me is against me mentality. People considering themselves logical and straight and what is not would be quick to dismiss the gibberish some people blurt out, inlcuding factoids like some internet moguls are trying to take over the world. Interestingly enough, the PRISM scandal (?) that has just erupted has confirmed all the latent and overt fears of the general consciousness. Some would simply draw a logical conclusion that indeed that the net is just to juicy a bit to be left alone, and information confirms that it is a true power. Since the Microsoft was the first to join the ride some passionate net observers could have sufficient time to observe that something has been going on. What does it have with self- change?

Awareness and Observation Powers

How can you redefine yourself when you step on some toes and then you expect people to love you? What you need is something that will glide you smoothly towards your aim which is self improvement. It is the great skill of observation. You can observe yourself, the sky and people’s reactions, thus, sharpening your focus and consequently awareness of the surroundings. Some might add that playing computer games can help you master a number of skills, from fulfilling the need to control the environs, the savage art of creatively killing your opponents when being given free reins and building the whole empires from scratch, as very few life opportunities can offer you that, and in addition you can easily (depending on your mind’s agility) learn from your mistakes. Evolve your powers at every step, whenever you go, as this is what you could reshaping both yourself and the reality at the same time. Mind control is a continuous effort that should be practised each day, from the basic automatic processes that are typically engaged in their reinforcement. Any self directed change is a time consuming effort with a lot of energy being drained as we speak, however, the more you expand your ability the better your outcomes of noticing more and being in general more alert and attuned to the reality. That is the skill that takes years to master and even then the task never ends as you need to keep your wits about you. Just like in the jungle.